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Bring a little light this month with charming adventure game The Spirit And The Mouse

Help Lila the mouse and Lumion the spirit illuminate the quaint town of Sainte-et-Claire

Indie team Alblune, which consists of developers Lucie Lessuyer and Alexandre Stroukoff, have a release date for their cute new game The Spirit And The Mouse, a narrative-focussed adventure game with some platforming thrown in. In order to save the cosy town of Sainte-et-Claire, a charming mouse called Lila and a soft spirit called Lumion join forces to restore the town and its people. They'll be teaming up on Steam later this month on September 26th. Check out the trailer below.

From what we can see, The Spirit And The Mouse is very much in line with Alblune’s non-violent ethos, providing a laid back, feel-good game for all ages with a heartwarming story. It seems like the player is encouraged to go at their own speed, making for a calming and enjoyable experience. Its blend of colourful 3D animation and cheerful music really sells its, relaxed tone.

I don't know about you, but it's giving me an almost Christmassy feel. Ratatouille meets Spirited Away in a merry fusion. It looks homegrown and festive, and the objective of illuminating the town - during the course of which Lila will gain even more electronic abilities - is charming. It's always good to see more games geared at all-ages fun. You can bring light back to Sainte-et-Claire yourself on the 26th of September, when The Spirit And The Mouse will be out, but you can wishlist it on Steam now.

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