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Broforce Broifies Bruce Lee, Tank Girl, Dirty Harry

Yeah bro

How many bros can there be? Will they keep coming? Where do they even come from? As a wee tot I knew no bros, then suddenly I had one living in my home and it was all downhill from there. How does Broforce [official site] convert real people into bros, and could they do it to you and I? Broforce developers Free Lives show no signs of stopping. The run 'n' gunner has a new update adding bro versions of Bruce Lee, Tank Girl, Dirty Harry, and Snake Plissken (again). If they can conquer our mightiest heroes, what hope do we have? We'll surely all be bros soon.

The changelog also details new sounds, bug fixes, Steam Trading Cards, and other new bits. The update's on the DRM-free GOG and Humble versions too but without the imaginary trading cards, obvs.

Check out these new bros:

Yes, yes, the broness is a bit of a lark, but what's behind the joke? A whole lot of fun, Adam will tell you. Here are some of his fanciful similes:

"Remember when you played Wolfenstein 3D and imagined what first-person games might look like twenty years down the line? Broforce is like that, but for everyone who played Metal Slug or any other side-scrolling shooter. It’s what Worms would look like if it had ever been successfully translated into a realtime singleplayer experience."

Broforce is on sale on Steam for £4.79/5,59€/$5.99.

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