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Broheart, The Brocketeer, & Gunshows In Broforce Update


Broforce [official site] understands American Independence Day like only a game made by a South African studio can. The USA is a big melting pot, so they say, which is why you'll find its July update brings a man with Nazi rocket technology and an American playing an Australian playing a Scot who's fighting for the freedom of the stars and stripes. And flexing. Everyone's flexing their guns.

Rockets, explosions, dubious claims of Celticity, and gunshows are what I understand July 4th is all about. The game's on sale right now too.

July's update to the run 'n' stab platformer has added Broheart, who has a honking great sword and charges at men cutting them to pieces, and The Brocketeer, who can rocket up into the air then explosively dive down.

It also added melee attacks, but a far more physically impressive feat is that characters can now flex. What does it do? Well, it makes you look ripped and beefy. You might impress your mates. You might also get eaten by xenomorphs, because who stops to flex in the middle of a fight?

The changelog also lists a few fixes and whatnot.

Broforce is still on Steam Early Access, and a July 4th discount of 33% brings it down to £7.99 this weekend. The full game is due to launch this winter.

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