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Revelatory Shock: Broforce Gets More Bros

Broniversal Soldier

In order to stay true to the tone and spirit of Broforce, I have decided to compose some Broforce poetry, or Broetry, as it must be known according to The Only Laws That Matter. You are required to listen to this music while reading it. OK, let us begin. Ahem:

Broforce / Like "breakfast" spoken really fast / And with more breaking things / Puts other Early Access games in the trash / And doesn't need no stinkin' rhyme scheme / Or meter / BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

More bros for your Broforce, bro! Two new bros, each more bro than the bro. I know, bro, I know. Knowbro, my new favorite Pokemon. Brokemon. Whoa. Broa.

The new bros are Broniversal Soldier and Time Bro. There's also a new enemy, the Mechanized Terror Unit. You can commandeer it and BLOW UP EVERYTHING, which sounds absolutely delightful.

The new update also reworks Indiana Brones, allows you to save custom levels after playing them, and makes the Mammoth Kopter boss "slightly less soul destroying." Souls are good things to have, so that's neat.

In conclusion, Broforce. Pair it with fine cheese and Vivaldi, and you'll never have a bad day again.

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