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Bronze For Beelzebub: Devil's Third

Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of beach sport simulations and ninja revivals, is bringing his next game to the PC. Devil's Third is a third-person action game that doesn't look entirely dissimilar to his previous team's Ninja Gaiden series, although with a few more shotguns and other metal death pipes thrown in for good measure. The game's troubled journey to existence appeared to have taken it over a cliff edge when THQ dropped it in May but Itagaki's own Valhalla Game Studios are now teaming with the dubiously named Doobic to publish the game, Eurogamer have discovered. It's with this new agreement that the game has been announced as a PC title, alongside 360, PS3 and tablet releases. More details and a short, snazzy trailer below.

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Having just watched that, you'll have to read this next bit, a quote from Valhalla about the game, with a frown more puzzled than a number-averse pygmy shrew trapped in a Sudoku factory. Earth's space neighbourhood is so crowded that the Kessler syndrome has come to pass; it's chock-a-block up there and all satellites are now out of order.

"In the resulting turmoil, war erupts around the world as the balance of military power is thrown into chaos. For a better idea of Devil's Third, please try to imagine in what ways infantry battle would be altered in a world without satellite technology...close study of military affairs, historical verification and geopolitical analysis form the backbone of development for an intense, dramatic story in a fierce and cruel world."

So, yes, you can imagine all of that, or you can imagine men running along the side of a building and being cut in half by a woman in a low-cut top. Your choice.

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Devil's Third

PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U

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