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Brutal Soulslike Mortal Shell gets a release date of August 18th

A proper love letter to all things Dark Souls

If you've been hankering for some more Dark Souls-like action after playing Mortal Shell's free open beta last month, you won't have to wait much longer, as developers Cold Symmetry have confirmed it's coming out in full on August 18th. This action-RPG is the very first game from Cold Symmetry, and it is truly a love letter to all things Soulsborne - gothic settings, huge freaky enemies and brilliantly bulky weapons with which to whack them with. I'm sold, tbh.

This game's setting is familiar - a broken medieval world where humanity is dying out, and what's left in its place are big ugly monsters guarding the areas you want to get to.

The special thing about Mortal Shell, though, is in the title itself. Throughout the game you're able to find "shells", or bodies of fallen warriors, that you can hop into to make your way through this ruinous land. They all have different combat styles, too, essentially working like different classes. Some give you more stamina, others strength, that sort of thing.

RPS VidBud Matthew also says Mortal Shell has some wicked lute solos, which is honestly enough to pique my interest alone. If you need more persuading, here's his video explaining what the game is all about:

Mortal Shell comes out on August 18th as a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store, and it'll cost you £25 / $30.

If this isn't quite the Souls-inspired game you're after, the grisly Blasphemous got a massive update this week, and the more sci-fi-esque Souls-y game Hellpoint came out last week, too.

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Mortal Shell

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