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Bugsnax is talkin' 'bout launching on Steam in 2022

Time to lodge that song in your head again

Bugsnax entranced folks with its catchy theme song from its very first trailer, and then entertained them further when it launched on the Epic Games Store late last year. Now it's been almost 12 months, which means it's time for the snack-hunting game to leap onto Steam. There's a new "coming soon" trailer to prove it below.

That's a good explainer for what the game is about, but to summarise: it's a first-person adventure set in a world where all food walks and talks, and consuming it transforms the body of the creature that ate it. It's Cloudy With A Chance Of Pokémon with a surprisingly emotional story and some light puzzling.

In his Bugsnax review, Steve Hogarty wrote that the game didn't quite marry its ideas together, but that for its 5-6 hour running time, it's "is "a delightful and intriguing world to inhabit" and a "faintly naughty, but never crass adventure that feels simultaneously like a love letter to, and a sharply observed satire of, the games that inspired it." It's also, brilliantly, a source of wholesome queer representation, wrote Melissa King.

Bugsnax will arrive on Steam sometime in 2022. If you can't wait, it remains available on the Epic Games Store for $25/£18.

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