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Build Shoot Loot Build: Captain Forever Remix Released

Cartoon take on the ship-building shooter

Scavenging my zapped foes' ships for parts to snap onto my own hulking monstrosity was a lark in Captain Forever, and I like the look of Captain Forever Remix [official site] even more. Not just for that new gorgeous cartoony art style.

The licensed "remix" of the ship-building shoot 'em up launched onto Steam Early Access yesterday, and I'll have to pick it up because I can't shake the feeling it might be the arcade roguelikelike to help stop The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth dominating my thoughts.

Captain Forever, if you missed the original game created by Farbs, is a fine arcade shooter about blasting randomly-generated ships to bits and stealing those bits to build your own ship. You can redesign it in real time whenever you fancy, dragging and snapping bulkheads, engines, and weapons around to create big tanky things, fast frigates, and gargantuan balls of bulkheads and guns crawling slowly through space. Trying to carefully disable and destroy key parts of ships so you can salvage the rest, then hastily snapping them off before new enemies appear, is a right lark.

Along with that new art style and a merry story, the remix adds a dash of persistent progression through 'kits' to unlock and upgrade. Kits like close range, melee, sniper, torpedo, and beam give you different parts for your starting ship, and affect the sort of drops you'll receive.

Why's it on Early Access? Developers Pixelsaurus Games say the game's pretty far along but they want to gather feedback and tweak while they polish up. They expect to properly release it after about three months.

Captain Forever Remix is £9.34 until Friday, then it'll go up to £10.99, and the price will rise again when it leaves Early Access.

Hey, check out this nine-minute gameplay trailer if you wanna see more.

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