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Building sim Satisfactory churns out a Steam release date for June

Pipes and valves confirmed

Giant automated industry builder Satisfactory has been on the assembly line for a while already, first debuting on the Epic Games Store last year. The Factorio-but-3D builder has churned out new additions to its early access version since then, including giant trains and guns and vertical conveyors. The mammoth machines are reaching another milestone when Satisfactory launches on Steam—still in early access—on Monday, June 8th.

If you happen to be counting months, Satisfactory was originally released in March of 2019, trending past the usual year of Epic Store exclusivity that has most other games making an immediate Steam release.

"I know it's been frustrating that we haven't been able to announce an official date until now (believe me, It's been frustrating for us as well)," say Coffee Stain in a new post. "But we're here now and we're definitely releasing it Monday, June 8 and we're super stoked about that!"

Even back before its first launch, Alec Meer said in his Satisfactory preview that all the shine and polish certainly didn't feel early access, despite knowing it planned to expand.

"Whether it’s a miracle of interface design or I’m just not giving the human brain’s mastery of memory due credit, I’m floored by how manageable Satisfactory makes the truly mammoth," says Alec. Actually flying about building all those many spaghetti conveyors was exhausting though, Alec says, compared with the relative ease of laying down track from above in Factorio. If you've got time to burn, it sounds like that's a resource Satisfactory is well-equipped to process.

You can find Satisfactory over on Steam, where you'll be able to purchase it for £27/€30/$30 starting on Monday, June 8th. Coffee Stain say they'll be running a 10% discount at launch. You can of course still find it on the Epic Store too, where it's currently 10% off also.

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