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Bundlemania IX: 15 Indie Games For $Notalot

And so the bundle war without end continues. Demonstrating the sort of timing that probably makes everyone involved want to carve WHY WHY WHY into the trunks of every tree they pass, today seems the release of two accidentally rivalrous indie bundles. Both contain games I am allowed to officially deem 'rather good.'

Indie Royale's latest includes the darkly compelling Analogue: A Hate Story, the frantically compelling Waves, shooter Shattered Horizon, wrestling-based adventure game Da New Guys, Oregon Trail homage Super Amazing Wagon Adventure and '1-bit' RPG MiniFlake (isn't that part of the Cadbury's Heroes range?), with its current minimum price being £3.11.

A slightly different take on things is Steam's 'Best Of British' bundle, whose brinkmanship in containing seven games as opposed to Royale's six is hopefully a mere coincidence. This isn't a pay-what-you-want affair - Steam aren't doing that sort of thing as yet - but instead has a set price of £8/$10 for the following right little crackers: Frozen Synapse (2 copies), DEFCON, Gratuitous Space Battles, Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! Double Pack, Eufloria and Revenge of the Titans. That is a fine, fine collection of games, and for my money has an edge over the Indie Royale pack.

Today is a very good day to buy indie games on the cheap. Though launching both bundles on the same day as Guild Wars 2 goes on general release probably wasn't a genius move, eh?

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