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Burden Of Command adds a little prestige television to its WW2 tactics

What a burden

Personally, I prefer my wargames with a little bit more magic. Real-world war is a bit rubbish, actually, with all the horrors and such. Nah, let me dunk on a dragon with a horde of goblins, that'll do me. Still, if you've absolutely gotta add some "greatest generation" gravitas to your wargame, you could do much worse than a voice plucked straight from arguably the best bit of wartime telly this millennium. That's exactly what the Burden Of Command devs have done, picking up Band Of Brothers' Shane Taylor to voice your best mate on the battlefield.

You might recognise Shane Taylor as Eugene 'Doc' Roe from the HBO drama. I don't, mind, but Sin's noted here that he's definitely the best boy in the show. Fair 'nuff. He'll be taking on the voice of Sgt Grant in Green Tree Games' tactical wargame. He'll be your closest bud and right-hand man through the campaign, and will certainly at no point face a sudden and emotional end. I assume.

It's been a minute since we last saw Burden Of Command on the site. Tim Stone was quite fond of the way it was just as interested in how leadership affects the well-being of those under its command as much as the general grognard nitty-gritty of its war sim contemporaries. We've got plenty of combat media that put your boots firmly on the ground, but not so many that aim to make you feel like a dick for sending these young boys out to war.

It might be even longer until budding commanders get their hands on Burden Of Command. The game is still quite a ways off completion, but you can follow its development over on Steam.

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