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Paint The Walls With Blood In Butcher Next Week

Demon heads, cut them 'up, yum

The 2D shooter Butcher [official site] has its very own release date now, so we can stop talking about how it'll eventually float down here at "some point." It's scheduled to rip into Steam on 5 October, meaning in a few days you too can be blowing through enemies in a pixelated fit of rage.

It also has a cool name that makes me really miss my Kreepsville 666 Diamonte necklace. It's a cleaver encrusted in cheap crystals, but it makes me feel fancy. Butcher as a game may not make anyone feel fancy in the way a necklace might, but it's got plenty of blood and guts to spare. And that's just about the same, really.

Transhuman Design's 2D shooter is a "love letter", as these types of projects often are, to '90s shooters. It's easy to see why if you check out the launch trailer. The creators of Soldat and King Arthur's Gold have outdone themselves this time as far as visuals go, with enough intestines and cute (?) little entrails to keep just about any gore-hound happy. And I'm super hard to please. It's a bit of the old ultraviolence, but not the Lana del Rey kind. And that's something I can get behind.

You can get your hands on Butcher this month far before Halloween gets here. But you definitely don't need to wait until Halloween to enjoy blowing things up and painting the walls red. That's an activity you can get into all year long when it comes to gaming.

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