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By Zeus' Beard! Age Of Mythology Revamp Coming In May

With shinier graphics

And yea, they did speak of times past when the Earth was more innocent. Gods and monsters moved among us, entire pantheons warred, and we were pleased. Yet today's impetuous youth sneer "Yeah but it doesn't even have ambient occlusion does it?" All right clever clogs, look here: following a little tease earlier this year, Microsoft has revealed the revamped Age of Mythology Extended Edition for release in early May.

Beyond obviously making Ensemble's 2002 RTS play nicely with modern operating systems and monitors, it's a bit shinied up with improved graphics and Steam gubbins.

Like last year's Age of Empires II HD, Age of Mythology's Extended Edition is more tarted up than rebuilt. The big list of changes includes improved lighting, water and shadows, Steam Workshop support for mods, Twitch integration, tweaks to the observer mode, and other odds and ends. The 'Titans' expansion is bunged in too.

What isn't confirmed yet is the price. AoE II HD costs £14.99, which was expensive enough to make me think twice about buying what's essentially a 15-year-old game. Even if it was revamped a little, GOG has set what feels like a fair price for old games and the improvements didn't seem worth paying four times that. We'll see how much AoM EE costs when pre-orders begin later this month.

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Age of Mythology

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