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Call Of Duty gets a cursed Attack On Titan crossover next week

I feel attacked

To celebrate anime series Attack On Titan and its impending final series and Call Of Duty's next big update, they both decided that a totally normal crossover was in order. Soon, Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone will play host to a cursed set of Attack On Titan cosmetics, including gun bits and an Operator skin. They are frightening and confusing. Please avert your eyes.

As part of Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone's midseason update beginning on 20th January, the game is getting a new Operator, a new weapon, and new Zombies things. But above all, it's getting a 10-item Attack On Titan cosmetic bundle that has Operator Daniel Yatsu cosplay as a member of the Survey Corps (the folks who fight flesh giants with swords). It will set you back 2400CP, which is £16.79 or $19.99. That’s a lot of cash! Yes. Yep.

So, whose the Survey Corp member in question? Levi Ackerman, baby. A slick individual – the best at felling the flesh monsters. In AoT he soars into the air and does flips and slides, all while carefully dissecting the nasties. He's cool as heck in the anime.

In Call Of Duty, the coolness hasn't translated well. This is live-action Levi. This is budget Levi. This is the Levi your mum mistakenly bought you for Christmas.

Here's a look at the "Vertical Maneuver" Highlight Intro. Ladies and gents: Levi Ackerman is in the game.

But sink further into the bundle's contents and the crossover descends further into silliness. One Assault Rifle named "Ymir's Curse" reduces a key AoT name into Dulux.

My favourite bit from the Attack On Titan anime is when Levi calls in an Attack Helicopter and unlocks the red dot sight. Here's the bit before that, where Levi mounts his Assault Rifle on a log and nets himself a 7 flesh monster Killstreak.

An Operator dressed as Attack on Titan's Levi Ackerman fires an assault rifle over a log.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but perhaps Fortnite could've done this crossover a smidgen more justice. At least that universe is playful, as opposed to CoD's seriousness. John McClane and Rambo worked in CoD because they're lads with guns. They are immune to "Cod-isation", which turns any character into a middle-aged dad and places a gun in their hands. Unfortunately, Levi from Attack On Titan couldn't outrun this process. Even he, it turns out, wasn't fast enough.

What next? Death Note? One Piece?! To be fair, I have this sick urge to see how Luffy's band of anime pirates will succumb to "CoD-isation". I want to see a middle-aged man dressed in a straw hat and wielding an AK-47 with a pirate ship plastered over it.

Parent company Activision Blizzard have recently been accused of widespread sexual harrasment and discrimination by both employees and several California state authorities. While the company have discouraged unionisation, many employees joined together to demand the removal of CEO Bobby Kotick following claims that he was aware of some allegations.

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