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Call Of Duty: Warzone adds Juggernaut Royale trio matches for the weekend

Naught for nothin'

Squad up and suit up and then probably get shot up so that someone can rid you of Call Of Duty: Warzone's burly Juggernaut suit. Infinity Ward have added the new Juggernaut Royale mode to Warzone for this weekend in which teams of three will scuffle over the specialized armor and minigun. You can drop in for Juggernaut trios now through Tuesday, July 7th.

In the new Juggernaut mode, you'll need to hunt down a care package with the special suit inside. You'll get geared up with a minigun that can help you cut through both vehicles and players in record time. Don't get greedy though. If you get taken out while wearing the suit, a new care package will spawn elsewhere, Your teammates can't just take up the mantle after you go to the Gulag so have a care and watch your six.

Juggernaut Royale is just one of the new changes to the game that never seems to stay the same. Infinity Ward are constantly adding new modes and driving players mad by adding and removing duos. Earlier this week, they upped the player count per match to 200 in the new Quad squad mode and added a new contract for their Season Four Reloaded update.

You can read up on the Warzone Season 4 changes and other regular Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare updates in Infinity Ward's Season Four Reloaded post.

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