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Call Of Duty: Warzone puts the brakes on armored trucks in solos

Beep beep, backing out

Call Of Duty's free battle royale game Warzone is really earning its name—the situation on the ground seems to change daily. The number of members you can have in a squad changes constantly as Activision swap in new modes. New guns have been added to the arsenal. Cheaters are banned. It really is a warzone out there. Now Activision are addressing the destructive force that are giant cargo trucks. You won't find them in solos anymore. For now, anyway.

Amos Hodge, creative director of Raven Software who co-developed Warzone, confirmed that armored trucks are taking a pit stop from the solo mode for Warzone. They're apparently so effective that folks have dubbed it the "vehicle meta." Hodge says that they're hoping to "tone down" the influence of vehicles by taking the air out of the tires on the biggest and baddest of the lot. Presumably you can still rev up an ATV, Rover, or SUV, but the big honkin armored ones will be relegated to matches with squads instead.

One of the issues with vehicles in Warzone seems to be that jumping out at high speed doesn't damage a player. Takes me back to the pre-Plunkbat days in H1Z1 battle royale where you could pull off some sneaky car strats by jumping out the driver's side at high speed and nailing an enemy in the back. Ah yes, those were the days. It was a fun but admittedly broken maneuver then and presumably remains that way in Warzone. Just pulling the big trucks won't solve that particular problem, but as Hodge says, hopefully this'll tone things down a bit.

Will the big trucks come back? Heck, I dunno. First Activision added solos, then added guns, added squads of four, then two days later brought back trios. Change seems to be the name of the game so if kicking out the big-wheelers doesn't do the trick, we can probably expect Activision to continue fiddling with Warzone to manage this vehicle meta situation.

For more on what the free battle royale game is up to, Activision published a post on what's going on in Warzone this week.

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