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Call of Duty: WW2's Liberty Strike is very loud and dumb

The continuing adventures of Gun Man

It's very nearly Explosion Day in America, so that means that every online shooter is doing its best to bludgeon us senseless with loud guns and louder outfits. Call of Duty: WW2 is no exception, but accompanying the Liberty Strike event's obligatory and garish red/white/blue-painted weaponry and outfits is a juicy little cherry of daftness on top. While Call of Duty isn't my usual cup of shootybang tea, I love the sound of this week's time-limited playmode, available now until July 9th - Wanderlust Mosh Pit - as it seems delightfully stupid.

Wanderlust Mosh Pit may be a bit of a clunky name, but the concept is simple, and the absolute antithesis of Esports. You've got a random gun, with up to six random attachments on it. Every time you die or hit the switch weapon button, you'll pull out another entirely random gun. Any strategy or coherence Call of Duty's multiplayer may have had is thrown out the window in favour of absolute anarchy, as players frantically roll the dice in hope of a better weapon. Cue a lot of improvised bloodshed.

More permanently, four new weapons have been added to the game. The ZK-383 SMG (which the supposed-to-be-British chap in the video above pronounces with an American Z), the De Lisle suppressed sniper rifle, the AVS-36 auto-rifle and the Push Dagger melee weapon, which apparently has a corkscrew as one of its alternative skins. Brutal, yet classy.

The new guns accompany yet another major addition to the game from a few days back - the Cavalry Division class - who sadly does not ride a horse, but they do carry a bloody great shield with which to deflect bullets that would otherwise make holes in your new collection of hideously garish seasonal costumes.

The Liberty Strike event has started and will be running until July 24th, and I double dog dare Sledgehammer Games to come up with a new mode as stupid as this one for next week. You can see the current week's Liberty Strike schedule here, along with some bonus goals to shoot for to unlock extra weapon skins.

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