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Call Of The Sea is a period mystery on a distant island, with fishmen

I'd like to be, under the sea

Don't talk to me about the call of the sea. I've been stuck on land for six weeks now, separated from my beautiful wet wife by the lockdown, and you dare act like the call of the sea is just a game? I oughta t- hang on. Oh. I see. You mean Call Of The Sea, the video game announced today. Ah. Look pal, I can't stick those teeth back in your jaw, so you'd best settle for hearing about the first-person adventure about a gal in the 1930s searching for her lost husband on a tropical island which may or may not have fishmen.

Oh hey that voice is Cissy Jones, who was Delilah in Firewatch. That game does seem a likely influence in the sphere of walk-o-stories. The blurb introduces this one:

"Set in the 1930s in the isolated reaches of the South Pacific, Call of the Sea sees you play as Norah, a woman who has crossed the ocean in a desperate search for her husband that has gone missing."

"Having landed on a nameless, strange island paradise that was his last known location, your search will lead you to the discovery of remnants of a lost civilisation as you try to unlock puzzles and secrets that will reveal clues to the fate of your husband's ill-fated expedition. But in the course of your search you soon come to realise that not everything on the island is as it seems..."

He's turned into a fishman, right? Or I get to turn into a fishman? Or marry the sea? If the game dares suggest that becoming sealife is not a dream come true, I'll be livid. I cannot tell you how much I miss swimming. Six weeks! I feel antsy after six days on land.

Call Of The Sea is due "in late 2020". See the game's website and Steam page for more. It's made by Out Of The Blue and published by Raw Fury.

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Call of the Sea

Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

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