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Rising From The Depths: Capy's Below Coming To PC

Up And At Them

I wouldn't be writing about Below on RPS if it weren't coming to the PC, because in spite of the many, many, oh-so-very-many emails from marketers and PRs about iOS hidden object games (and the occasional moment of writer's prerogative), this is mostly a PC site. So we haven't mentioned Capy's Below until now, because it was tied up in Xbox Xclusivity. That's changed, as was revealed in a very elegant fashion in the trailer I've embedded yonder. I'm not going to spoil how they did it, because I think what they did was lovely and speaks to the game's core adventurousness, and I want you to smile like I did.

And just what is Below? Well I've attempted to find out for you bel-, er, beneath. It's not entirely clear.

The trailer. Watch till the end.

It's apparently a "roguelike-like" survival game. You're a tiny warrior lost on an island, left to uncover its secrets as you explore and pick the correct moment to fight. This is the clearest look at it in action but then it doesn't show much. Just the captivating art and dreamy music you'd expect from those responsible for Sword & Sworcery EP.

They built up enough trust with Sword & Sworcery EP for me to be intrigued.

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