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Cardboard Receives Grim Reminder: Attack of the Artifacts

First Addition First Edition

See the little guy in the bottom left of the header image there, excitedly throwing his arms in the air about bits of (digital) cardboard? That is exactly how good new cards being introduced to your favourite game feels. While my personal crack Magic goes through yet another spoiler season for its next release, extraordinarily generous free-to-play RPG/CCG hybrid Card Hunter is conquering new shores as well. For the unfamiliar, it combines a D&D style board game with a paper cut-out aesthetic and collectible elements to create an experience both Adam and Alec have sung the praises of. This first addition promises to bring "tough new campaign battles, bizarre new monsters and powerful new cards" along with some other sweet deets you can find below.

Perhaps most interesting (besides the promise of a Sharkbear. SHARKBEAR.) is the tease of Card Hunter leagues - a new multiplayer format designed to reward players a little better for their investment and introduce "inventive new formats." Devs Blue Manchu are staying a little shtum on exactly what that means but I can only assume the rising competitive scene will be pleased. Holding off the dark descent into yet another card game has already been a challenge and this is threatening to put me over the edge. If you've never tried one, given the main worry about Card Hunter seem to be that it gives too much away for free, this might be a good place to start the pleasant, time consuming dive. Sign up's over yonder.

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