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Carrot In Hell: Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit

What's the best game with an exclamation mark in its title? Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit has one but I'm going to stop using it now because it's awkward and silly, which could well be an accurate description of the game itself. Published by Sega and developed by Arkedo, who made three minimalist but stylish games for XBLIG and PSN, Hell Yeah is a loud tale of revenge, rubber duck shame tapes and the rabbity prince of Hell. The trailer below is so much in your face that you might end up mistaking it for your cheekbone and I'm not entirely sure that it's my particular brand of madcap tea, but others may be more impressed by its cartoon violence.

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There's an earlier trailer as well, which I think we walked past in the street while pretending to be on the phone because a PC release hadn't been confirmed at the time. Now that the game is coming to Steam, I suppose you might want to see this as well.

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That one's even louder!

Not quite as loud but decidedly more alarming is this, taken from a recent Arkedo blogpost showing off some monster designs.

I'll let the website do the talking:

"Finally, we managed to get a recent picture of Patrick, our Producer within SEGA, so we could design a monster out of him. Our way to say thanks, and pay homage. Luckily enough, going by the photo, there wasn't that much additional work needed -so this one was drawn quickly. Sometimes, good design only mimics nature, and we are fine with this...Its fate is to be squished by a giant sponge."


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Hell Yeah!

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Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

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