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Catch a Travis Scott concert inside Fortnite this weekend

He's debuting a new track, too

If you're missing proper concerts right about now, Fortnite is queuing up yet another one of its in-game performances for you to enjoy. This time around, rapper and songwriter Travis Scott will headline an event called Astronomical where he'll be debuting a new song for all you hot dogs and bananas in the audience. The concert will have five different show times over the course of three days starting this Thursday, April 23rd.

"From April 23-25, blast off into a one of a kind musical journey featuring Travis Scott and the world premiere of a brand new track," Epic Games say." Astronomical is an other-worldly experience inspired by Cactus Jack’s creations, built from the ground up in Fortnite."

During the Astronomical event, you'll also be able to score new skins and cosmetics. Epic say you'll earn an Astroworld Cyclone Glider and two loading screens just for attending any of the concerts this weekend. Completing some new Astronomial-themed challenges starting tomorrow will win you some other gear.

If you've not been to one of Fortnite's live events before, they do actually sound nifty. Jay Castello attended a Marshmello concert last year and found it was made especially cool by the antics only made possible by holding the event in virtual space.

"During the song 'Fly,' everyone began to do just that, avatars popping into their gliding animations in a sky lit up more brightly than any real lights would be able to achieve," she says. Astronomical's space-y theme suggests there may be some similar effects.

Epic say that "doors," or queues or whatever you call them in digispace, open 30 minutes before each show. For all the specific dates and times, check out Epic's announcement post for the event.

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