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2 days ago

Feature: Pocket Sniper!

Fortnite Scoped Revolver tips – stats, locations, comparisons to other weapons, how to use effectively

Fortnite's V7.20 update has brought a slew of unexpected gifts to the world's most popular Battle Royale, including the new Scoped Revolver, the latest addition to Fortnite's weapons roster. Some sort of cross between a Hand Cannon, a Six Shooter, and a Scoped Assault Rifle, we've been hard at working trying out this punchy new pistol to see how it fares against all the other…

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Feature: You probably haven't heard of it...

Fortnite guide (v7.20) – tips and tricks for Season 7, how to play, how to improve, how to win

Fortnite has been a masterclass in exceeding expectations in many ways, not least because of its deceptively high skill ceiling. This beast of a Battle Royale not only has a great deal of weapons and locations with which to familiarise yourself, but also a whole host of systems such as building and editing, the Storm, healing and shield items, piloting land and air vehicles, and…

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Feature: Shotgun or SMG? Sniper or Explosives?

Fortnite loadouts – most powerful weapon combos, Season 7 best loadouts

  Fortnite's hotbar is comprised of five slots, which can be filled over the course of a match with anything from Assault Rifles to Stink Bombs. But with such a dizzying array of options, it's hard to decide what combinations of items work best for different situations. Our Fortnite loadouts guide comes equipped with everything you need to know about the ideal weapon combos and…

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Feature: A deadly dance of architectural prowess

Fortnite building and editing guide – advanced editing tips, essential Fortnite builds, 1x1s, 90s, Ramp Rushes

Fortnite's building and editing of structures is what sets it apart from any other Battle Royale, and they're as imperative to learn and master as the game's myriad weapons and gunplay mechanics. Even the best reflexes and aim in the world won't save you against a seasoned Fortnite builder. Our Fortnite building and editing guide is here to get newer players started building, as well…

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Feature: Through grass, sand, and snow

Fortnite locations – where to land in Season 7 Fortnite map, best loot, chest map

Fortnite's one and only map has seen so many major changes and minor adjustments across the past seven seasons, most recently with the addition of a brand new blanket of snow across a third of the island and a smattering of all-new locations - including one with a mysterious globe of ice hanging in the sky above it. But when there are so many different…

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Feature: Stormchasers rejoice

Fortnite Storm guide – Storm Eye stages, Safe Zone stats, tips and tricks

Fortnite's Storm has taken a great many lives over the course of the battle royale's rise to the mainstream. Its premise is likely familiar to anyone who has played even a little bit of Fortnite. But the Storm's inner workings are actually more complex and variable than you might expect. Below you'll find everything you need to know about the Fortnite Storm, including explanations of…

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Feature: Smells like Victory (Royale)

Fortnite weapons guide – all Fortnite weapon stats, best weapons for Season 7, including Scoped Revolver stats and Suppressed Sniper stats

It can get pretty confusing to keep track of Fortnite’s constantly shifting menagerie of weapons, with each gun in this massive battle royale mode sporting different stats, quirks and behaviours that must be taken into account if you want to perform well with them. The most recent Fortnite update brought with it yet another weapon, the Scoped Revolver, which everyone is still getting to grips…

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3 days ago

Feature: Glider Redeploy is back, and it no longer ruins Fortnite!

Fortnite Glider Redeploy item guide – all v7.20 mobility items, best method of travel in Fortnite

Epic Games has shown time and time again that they love to play around with mobility items and methods of travel across the giant Fortnite island map. Now, they've brought back the polarising Glider Redeploy mechanic in the form of an item to be found while looting up during a match, opening up a new range of opportunities for fast travel between different Fortnite locations.…

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Fortnite challenges: Snowfall secret locations, how to complete Battle Pass Challenges

A Season in Fortnite wouldn't be complete without one last bit of challenge to test your observation skills. Each week's challenges culminate in one final treasure hunt to unlock a new banner or Battle Star to increase your rank a full level. The one for this week has us looking towards a frozen throne for all our Battle Star needs, so this guide will detail…

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Fortnite challenges: Week 7, expedition outpost locations, landing locations, destroying X-4 Stormwings

There are just three more weeks of Season 7 of Fortnite left, but there are plenty of challenges to complete before then. Week 7 is almost here and this time around there isn't a lot of unusual challenges to do. This guide goes over each of the challenges featured in Week 7, such as the places to land, and the best way to tackle those…

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1 week ago

Feature: Stay outta my hex

CSGO Danger Zone Battle Royale guide: best upgrades and purchases, weapons and drones, how to play

  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's latest major update brought with it one of the finest battle royale game modes we've yet played. Using CSGO's tried-and-true physics and gunplay mechanics as a foundation, Valve's new Danger Zone game mode flips the battle royale formula on its head, introducing a number of major innovations which set Danger Zone well apart from its rivals.

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Feature: Size matters

CSGO Danger Zone Blacksite map: best locations, where to land, best loot

CSGO's Danger Zone features a brand new map, Blacksite, which dwarfs regular CSGO maps in size, but remains absolutely tiny compared to the maps of other battle royales such as Fortnite and PUBG. But despite its modest scale for its genre, Blacksite is absolutely packed with buildings, loot, trees, cliffs, and other details that are well worth learning the ins and outs of if you…

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2 weeks ago

Overwatch Contenders controversy has once again made things more difficult for women in esports

Late last year, tier two professional Overwatch team Second Wind announced that they’d signed a female player. The woman, who went by the tag “Ellie” but kept much of her identity private, was lined up to be one of very few to play in Overwatch Contenders. Though many were excited to see some variety in the male-dominated scene, Ellie was immediately subjected to harassment, including…

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2 months ago

Valve ban Dota 2 player from tourney over racist remark cover-up

Valve have banned Dota 2 player Carlo "Kuku" Palad from their upcoming 'Major' tournament in China over a racist comment he made mocking Chinese players in a non-tournament game earlier this year. Kuku's team, TNC Predator, initially tried to pass a cover-up story and have further muddied waters with unsupported claims that Major host city Chongqing's government threatened to cancel the tournament if he attended.…

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3 months ago

Feature: "We’re definitely working our hardest to make sure that people realise the value of all people."

How Immortals are tackling inclusivity in the esports industry

In 2014, Noah Whinston was struggling to see why he should support any specific esports team. He felt as though each was only branding itself on how good their players were, and, as he puts it, “no team wins forever.” In the same year, Sabrina Wong attended her first esports event: MLG Anaheim. Thousands of fans watched hundreds of professionals face off in a variety…

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4 months ago

Chinese Taipei disqualified from Hearthstone Global Games

Chinese Taipei was officially disqualified from Hearthstone’s Global Games yesterday, after it emerged that some of their members were ‘stream sniping’ - watching the broadcast of the event in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. In the wake of the announcement, fans are questioning how easy the practice may be to pull off, and whether more measures should be taken to prevent it.

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Feature: Whistlestop tour

The Overwatch League’s city-based ambitions finally make sense to me

The Overwatch League has been busy in its off-season, announcing eight new teams that will join the competition when it starts back up again in January. Like the 12 that came before them, each will bear the name of a city: Paris, Guangzhou, Vancouver, and so on. But, for now, they’ll continue to play entirely from Blizzard’s arena in Burbank, California, with no real connection…

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The London Spitfire really are coming home this October

The Overwatch League’s inaugural season victors, the London Spitfire, might have played all of their main season matches at Blizzard’s arena in Burbank, California, but they still courted a local following, including adopting the quintessentially English ‘It’s coming home’ messaging before winning the finals. Now, the unspecified 'it' will be 'them,' as they'll be visiting London for two weeks this October.

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Epic announce autumn esports programme for Fortnite: Battle Royale

Epic Games are continuing their push to make Fortnite: Battle Royale into the hottest esport around, following up their eight-week, $8 million prize pool Summer Skirmish with a new six-week series taking place this autumn. Despite being shorter, it’ll squeeze in $10 million in prizes, and a new format will see players face off in challenges that aren’t just the standard murder-everyone-on-the-island arrangement.

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