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1 month ago


Fortnite highest elevation locations – where to find highest points in Fortnite’s map

How is your knowledge of Fortnite's map? This is what the highest elevation challenge introduced in Week 6 asks of you. There are five points in the map that now have a sign that shows you just how high you are compared to sea level. There won't be any surprises as to what the highest point of the map is, but some locations aren't completely…

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Fortnite treasure map knife loading screen location – where to find the Battle Star

So yeah, that loading screen in Fortnite has more than one hint and this time the knife is where the treasure you seek is. The location isn't as full of details as the one hinted on the magnifying glass, but it will still reward you with a Battle Star for your troubles. This guide will show you exactly where to go and what you'll find…

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Fortnite settings and controls: best key binds for PC, screen resolution changes

Let's face it, the default controls in Fortnite for mouse and keyboard absolutely suck: They don't optimise for building, one of the key parts of the game, at all. This is of course something you'll want to fix quickly, but which keys do you bind them to? This guide will go over the key bindings and PC settings you should consider changing, but will also…

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2 months ago


Know It OWL: Overwatch League stage two stirs things up

Welcome back to the Overwatch League! After a week off, it’s a new stage, a new patch, and just as much chaos. What’s the meta? I have no idea but “bunker comp” seems to be popular so let’s break that down first before turning our attention to how teams are dealing with this strange new world. Unsurprisingly, it’s the already chaotic Chengdu Hunters who seem…

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Feature: Overwatch League puppy bowl when?

Know It OWL: Stage one small talk with the teams

This week there weren’t any Overwatch League games, as the players took a well-deserved rest. But with stage one done and dusted and last week being all about the playoffs, we’ve been doing an awful lot of talking about pure results. That’s fine and all, but it’s hardly the only thing to care about in the League (otherwise we’d all just be Titans fans). So…

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Cycling rolled into esports at the Zwift eRacing Championships

Move aside, competitive Farming Simulator. Make way, e-tennis. Get out of here, professional Stardew Valley. There’s a new esport in town, the majestic British Cycling Zwift eRacing Championships, which took place this week. The thing about eRacing is that it's not a biking simulator. It is actual biking, on what is essentially a stationary unicycle, which then gets transmuted into controls for your avatar. You…

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Feature: A farewell (?) to Goats

Know It OWL: Stage one showdowns

The Overwatch League stage one playoff finals will “probably be the Vancouver Titans and New York Excelsior, but this stage has been so topsy-turvy that I’m willing to eat my words,” said I, last week. So here I am, munching, because it was yet another week of upsets culminating in an incredible showdown between San Francisco Shock and, well, still Vancouver Titans. Apparently no amount…

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Fortnite healing – banana, coconut, and pepper locations, healing item tips and strategies

It's tough to get your five a day when roaming around the map in Fortnite. While this isn't really a substitute for getting the real vitamins and minerals that fruit and veg provide, they do keep you a little more healthy in-game. Their inclusion in Season 8 gives players even more options to heal, perhaps hinting at a possible challenge requirement. With the game being…

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Feature: Once a Dragon, always a Dragon

Know It OWL: Playoff places and some long-awaited Justice

Without the Shanghai Dragons playing this week, I thought it might finally be the week I didn’t cry at the Overwatch League. But I forgot that there was an ex-Dragon, still yet to win, continuing his losing streak on struggling expansion team Washington Justice. And thanks to Chon “Ado” Gihyeon, despite it being the final week before playoffs, it once again became one in which…

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Fortnite treasure map loading screen Battle Star location – magnifying glass location

X marks the spot, or in this case, the magnifying glass marks the spot. Fortnite's third week of Season 8 requires players to go and find a specific point in the map that's marked by a loading screen. The location itself is fascinating and will reward you with not just a Battle Star for your troubles, but also a few treasure chests and some interesting…

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Feature: There's always next stage, Valiant

Know It OWL: big stories, small moments

We're just a few matches away from the end of the Overwatch League’s first stage, and we're finally beginning to see which teams will make playoffs and which are truly struggling. But in between the high-level stories are the smaller moments, many of which took place outside the game itself: a kindly text from a player's mum, a motivational speech by Symmetra's voice actress Anjali…

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3 months ago


Fortnite pirate camp – pirate camp locations

A new season in Fortnite means a whole bunch of challenges that unlock over the next few weeks. The first week has us seeking out the brand new pirate camps. These swashbucklers have gone out hunting for treasure and set up their bases of operations in seven locations in total. You'll need to visit them all to complete the challenge, but you can always loot…

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Fortnite giant face locations – find the desert, jungle, and snow giant faces

  Fortnite's new season has begun and one of the challenges in the first week has us seeking some giant faces on the rock formations. They can be a bit hard to spot, but you only need to be nearby all three of them for the game to tick off that particular location. This guide will go over all of the giant faces that you…

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Fortnite furthest north, furthest south, furthest east, and furthest west sign locations

Fortnite's eighth season has a pirate theme and what is more pirate-like than going on an adventure? In this particular challenge, you need to find the furthest points that face North, South, East, and West. This doesn't mean that they're always going to be exactly to the point on a compass. So this guide has all the locations on the map highlighted, as well as…

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Feature: Getting back into the fray

Rainbow Six Siege guide: Y4S1 update, tips and tricks to win matches

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's fourth year has been officially announced, with the first part dropping in the next month or so. We'll be getting our first glance at the new operators soon, but we figured we'd add everything we know about the new year to our guide. For those new to our coverage, there's also some important things to know when first starting out, as…

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Feature: This post is sponsored by the gold objective time medal

Know It OWL: One weird tip for winning your Overwatch League games

Spare a thought for the Overwatch League players this week. Bamboozled and led astray by last week’s upsets, they are wandering around the maps with no regard for the fact that, and I cannot stress this enough, you have to stand on the point in Overwatch to win the game. It doesn’t matter what map type we’re talking about, they are all about objectives and…

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Some unlikely games are becoming competitive through Twitch Rivals

I would love to be a fly on the wall for the planning meetings at Twitch Rivals. The livestreaming platform’s esports series keeps pushing the envelope into all sorts of weird and wonderful games and rulesets. Streamers have recently faced off in the arena modes of both Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering; they hosted two Apex Legends tournaments just one week after its release, and…

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Feature: RIP Wailing Woods

Fortnite Season 8 update – new locations, pirate cannons, skins, Battle Pass info

It's finally here! Season 8 of Fortnite has arrived at last, bringing with it a plethora of changes, some of which were definitely expected but others of which certainly were not. Whatever the case, there's a lot of ground to cover with this new season, so let's get started! Our Fortnite Season 8 guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the…

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Feature: I told you this week was Shanghai's week

Know It OWL: Confusion and celebrations in the Overwatch League

This week a lot of people have been asking me which teams are shaking out as the ones to watch in this season of the Overwatch League, or how their favourites are doing. The answer to these questions is always: no one knows, every single team has either caused or suffered an upset (or both!), and everything is chaos. Except for the New York Excelsior,…

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