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Feature: High road, low road

The joy of travelling together in Pyre

Travelling in games is special. The Lord Of The Rings might describe Frodo popping over to Mordor to chuck a ring in a volcano, and 1917 might show you every inch of ground covered by those soldiers, but short of physically going on a yomp in the real world, nothing conveys a sense of a distance travelled quite like huffing your way across the open…

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Feature: Once more

Have You Played… Into The Breach?

I shouldn't have sent my mech into the earthquake zone. It was a stupid decision, induced by a greedy desire to punch another bug and scrounge a few extra drops of XP. I hadn't ignored the risks, I'd just overlooked them. I'd left myself a turn to escape before the tiles plunged away, and the only insect left on the board was tucked into a…

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7 days ago

Feature: Read more

The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for staying at home. Now that I am once again the proud owner of a functional clavicle, they're also for reading the best writing about videogames. Sorry about the break! For Vice, Duncan Fyfe looked into how Mastermind, a childhood board game I remember playing at my Grandma's, was sold as a sexy distraction from "the many abuses of 'big' governments". Fyfe's piece…

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1 week ago

Feature: God from the machine

How a would-be priest explores the horror of God in videogames

Spencer Yan was at the beach, chatting with a friend and pondering the horizon, when he felt the proximity of something like a god. "I was struck by this profound sense of coldness and acute loneliness. Everything got very bright all of a sudden, and then very dim, and I felt utterly alone and insignificant in the world, like all my actions would just evaporate.…

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Feature: Panzer Corps 2 substitutes for the stony broke

The Flare Path: Priceless Victories

Wondering whether the latest in a long line of Panzer General descendants is worth 405 Botswana Pula or, to put it in terms easier to grasp, 4041 Albanian Lek? Me too. I should know by next Friday, assuming I can drag myself away from the quartet of WW2 wargames I've been using as wallet-kind appetite whetters. If Panzer Corps 2 is to drop a fascine…

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Feature: One Off The List

The 10 best hells in PC games

“Hell is other people,” wrote Jean-Paul Sartre. “But also my favourite level in Doom.” He was a smart man, and he probably lives in hell now, on account of all the atheism. But listen, hell doesn’t seem that bad. Bit hot. Bit demonic. You could do a lot worse than a trip to the underworld, is what I’m saying, and as luck would have it,…

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Feature: It's clobberin' time!

Have You Played… Bookbound Brigade?

Bookbound Brigade is a fun little game that came out in January, about a super-team of literary characters hopping through various books together to save their collective world. It borrows a lot from the near-ubiquitous Metroid formula, including non-linear levels, upgrades that need to be found, and tons of backtracking. I particularly like the mechanic wherein different group formations give the brigade alternative fighting techniques,…

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Feature: Bad Neighbour 3:16

35,000 people are watching Age Of Empires 2 right now, and it’s great

Twenty one years after its original release, RTS classic Age Of Empires 2 is finally, improbably, coming into its own as an esport. There's been a competitive AoE2 scene ever since 1999, but in the last couple of years, and particularly since the release of the Definitive Edition in November, it seems to have blown up somewhat. In fact, since 2pm GMT today, when the…

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Feature: All your 2020 PC release dates in one handy list

New PC games coming out in 2020

2020 may have got off to a slow start compared to the slew of new PC games we had at the beginning of last year, but as we barrel into the middle of March, the new PC games train is finally starting to pick up steam. Indeed, to help you keep track of all the biggest and best PC games coming out this year, we've…

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Feature: The big standing desk in the sky

Death And Taxes lets you not think about the value of life

Death And Taxes is a fun little balancing act, reminiscent of Papers, Please. It doesn't quite reach the lofty heights of Lucas Pope's excellence in that border crossing simulator, but is nevertheless a good experience in its own right. You play as a newly created (and customisable) Grim Reaper, in a world where death is a bean-counting job in an office. You assign your ultimate…

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Feature: The welcome committee still turn up though

I made an isolated island hermitage in The Sims 4 but it is a complete coincidence

Regular readers will know that I play a lot of The Sims 4 these days, although I don't actually play the game where you puppet a tiny person. I just build homes. My current project is building an ideal home for each of the RPS staffers, having started with a ferny cottage for Alice 0. I've mostly been using the restrictions provided by the Tiny…

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Feature: "Educational"

Have You Played… The Adventures Of Batman & Robin: Cartoon Maker?

I'm not that into Batman, generally, but I'd broadly agree that Batman: The Animated Series is one of the best animated shows ever made. Visually it was unmistakable, combining bold, simple character designs and restrained use of tone and palette to make a unique noir aesthetic. It was super cool. Which makes The Adventures Of Batman & Robin: Cartoon Maker, B:TAS' 1995 "educational" spin-off CD-ROM,…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: Distance makes the heart grow socialer

Video games to play while you’re self isolating and social distancing

Unless you're in one of those international versions of Big Brother that are still going on, you've probably noticed that we're in the midst of a pandemic of something called the Covid-19 virus. I can tell it's serious because my dad's American girlfriend isn't allowed to visit him, which means he's bored and phoning me in the middle of the day. Haha, I joke. But…

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Feature: Murder most florid

Have you read… Japanese crime fiction?

One of the best games I played last year wasn’t even a game, but a book. Murder in the Crooked House is a Japanese murder mystery by Soji Shimada, often referred to as the ‘God of Mystery’. As nicknames go, that’s pretty enviable. As books go, his are fairly interactive, clearly acknowledging that a game is being played between him and you. There always comes…

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Feature: "It was all starting to feel a bit like the end of a China Miéville novel."

Beyond the edge of reason on the RPS Minecraft server: a gallery

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been posting photographs from an archaeological expedition into the RPS Minecraft server. Having left the place to go fallow last October, I had assumed it had been quietly abandoned, as often happens to these multiplayer sandboxes when their founders move on. But I should have had more faith in the server's denizens, for it turns out that this…

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