PC Building Simulator booting up in autumn

PC Building Simulator [official site] is not a game where your hand gets caught in a CPU fan and the PC spins round and round on your fingertip as wacky physics send everything in your workspace flying. Bumping the case as you insert a hard drive will not make your graphics card explode. Trying to insert RAM the wrong way will not make it vibrate and clang until it vanishes through a wall. No, PC Building Simulator is simply a game about building PCs component by component. We’ve mentioned it earlier this year after playing a free prototype, and now it’s headed for a full commercial release in autumn. Read the rest of this entry »

The Foxer

Male Sparkuhl Bowerbirds were foxer setting long before Roman and his ilk arrived on the scene. At the start of the courtship season, these handsome electric-blue glade dwellers set about constructing elaborate woven collages with hidden themes. Objects incorporated range from the natural – feathers, flowers, seeds etc. – to the synthetic – sweet wrappers, scraps of newspaper, used condoms… Themes tend to be historical, scientific, or arts-related. Jan Hugens, a Dutch ornithologist who has been studying Amblyornis Sparkuhli for over 30 years, reckons the most successful males construct puzzles that bamboozle for at least two hours. Female Sparkuhl Bowerbirds hate to be patronised, apparently. Read the rest of this entry »

Observer coming August 15th, starring Rutger Hauer

First-person cyberpunk thrill-o-horror Observer [official site] will launch on August 15th, developers Bloober Team have announced. After trapping us in a painter’s kooky spookhouse with Layers of Fear, this time Bloober are blasting us off into the grim future where everything sucks. It stars a cyberdetective jacking into suspects’ heads, and Bloober have now confirmed he is voiced by Rutger Hauer. You know, Rutger Hauer from Ladyhawke! And Blind Fury! And Blade Runner too I guess.

Hear Hauer’s gravelly tones in this new trailer: Read the rest of this entry »

Icons: Combat Arena wavedashes to autumn open beta

The Super Smash Bros. fans at Wavedash Games have finally announced their own Smashlike, Icons: Combat Arena [official site]. They’ve gabbed about it for ages but now we have a name, a little look at it in motion, and word that it’ll launch into open beta this autumn then be free-to-play. Icons is a platformer fighter in that Smash Bros. way, with pugilists leaping around — and trying to knock each other off — the fightfield. Here, have a peek in the first gameplay vid: Read the rest of this entry »

The Foxer

To the thief who stole the spaniel-shaped RSPCA collection box from the defoxing annexe lobby while Maxine was helping Helen change the wheel on her Panda.

May dogs distrust you,
Cats boycott you,
And birds button their beaks in your presence.
May mice wake you,
Ticks warm to you,
And butterflies slam shut as you approach.
May bluebottles and blowflies
fly noisy circuits over your deathbed. Read the rest of this entry »

Coming like a ghost town: Ni No Kuni 2 delayed into 2018

Fairytales teach us that hardships must be endured before we’re treated, so it’s only fitting that Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom [official site] has been delayed. The pretty-pretty fantasy RPG from Level-5, the sequel to a collaboration with revered animated moviemakers Studio Ghibli, was due on November 10th but now it’s pushed back to January 19th, 2018. Fairytales also teach that setbacks come in threes, so cross your fingers that this is the only delay.

Why the holdup? As ever, it’s because the devs want to make the game good, yeah? Read the rest of this entry »

The Foxer

Roman was in confessional mood yesterday evening at the Green Man. His tongue loosened by several pints of Old Cloudy, my chief foxer setter finally explained why he and Helen, the defoxing annexe librarian, were no longer together. It turns out there was no fling with Maxine… no ultimatum related to Roman’s house-filling collection of historically significant barbed wire. During a day trip to Stonehenge, the pair rowed irrevocably about the origins of the bluestones. Roman’s ardent belief in Welsh quarries collided head-on with Helen’s unshakeable faith in erratic glaciers. Read the rest of this entry »

Stickman RPG West of Loathing due out in August

The love Alec once held deep in his heart for lo-fi MMORPG Kingdom of Loathing may have ebbed as the years passed, but wait ‘til he finds out that its single-player western follow-up, West of Loathing [official site] is coming out some time next month. Or so say creators Asymmetric in a new trailer showing off a very quick playthrough of the prologue (they’ve compressed 23 minutes of mine-looting, snake-bashing and beer-drinking down to a 37 second timelapse). It was planned for release earlier this year, but you know videogames. Come see that trailer.
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StarCraft Anthology won’t get matchmaking after all

After Blizzard made StarCraft free ahead of August’s launch of the fancied-up StarCraft Remastered [official site], they had said they planned to add Remastered’s new matchmaking and ladder to the free version too. (Yes, StarCraft had no matchmaking – oooh the olden days!) Blizzard have changed their minds. Matchmaking will not be added to the free old version after all, as it supports cross-version play with Remastered and Blizzard say they worried it’d end up being abused by griefers. That’s a bummer but hey, it is a free game. Read the rest of this entry »

Hearthstone making ‘Wild’ sets purchasable again

Older card sets retired to the ‘Wild’ format in Hearthstone [official site] will soon become purchasable again, Blizzard have announced. Wild is format where all cards from every set are allowed, the one Blizzard created in 2016 to create a rolling metagame in the ‘Standard’ format with limited sets – and to make Hearthstone friendlier to new players. Blizzard had stopped selling cards for expansions only in Wild, but that made getting into Wild a faff for newer players who wanted to get into it. That’ll change “in the coming weeks”, when they all return to sale. Read the rest of this entry »

The petty, grudge-holding NPCs of Thousand Threads

“Things go wrong” is one of the best genres of videogames. Thousand Threads [official site] is an upcoming open world game that seems to embrace that philosophy, if the developer’s attempt to create a video demonstration is anything to go by. It features colourful meadows, peaceful woodland and half a dozen angry people in hats chasing and punching each other as part of an elaborate grudge match all because Sung stole three rocks from Dorinda. For goodness sake, Sung.
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The Foxer

Rumpus, the youngest of the defoxing annexe cats, is a regular Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer. Every day as dusk approaches he scrambles onto the roof of the log store to await the evening bat exodus. Every morning Maxine arrives to find the front step littered with downed Pipistrelles. We’ve tried collar bells, security lights, and stern ultimatums but our one-cat Kammhuber Line just keeps on killing. Read the rest of this entry »

Titanfall 2 adding two new maps free next week

Titanfall 2 War Games

Titanfall 2 pilots – you’re in luck. The game’s getting a free update next week (27 June) called The War Games, which adds two maps and a few new features.

If that DLC title sounds familiar then that’s because it’s named after a map from the original Titanfall, War Games, which will now be available in the sequel. It’s a simulated high-rise city where you can scamper across windows and on top of huge garages. I have fond memories of wall-running around the buildings in the first game, so I’m excited that it’s coming back.

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The Foxer

Maginot Maxine is shivering like a breeze-ruffled poplar tree. She swears old Mr. Spindle, an annexe regular, arrived as usual at 0930 this morning (They exchanged greetings; he mentioned the dead peacock – roadkill? – by the front gate). The encounter raises some interesting questions as we’ve just heard that Mr. Spindle dropped down dead in his garden yesterday evening. Read the rest of this entry »

The Foxer

The field beside the defoxing annexe is a mass of aurochs-eye daisies at the moment. Much larger than the more common ox-eye daisy, the aurochs-eye is the only variety of Leucanthemum known to wink. Some say the heart attack that took the life of four-time Derby winner Blue Pasha was caused by a patch of aurochs-eyes flashing their florets at him as he was passing.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 is online world of space pirates

Oh look at that, Beyond Good and Evil 2 [official site] has been shown off at E3 (sans ampersand), featuring anthropomorphic monkeys, criminal pigs, Hindu and Buddhist temples projecting neon lights, angry space police with silly missiles, steering wheels in the shape of skulls and quite a lot more. It’s an explosive trailer and you should probably see it for yourself so get down there and SORT IT OUT.
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The Foxer

Attending the funeral of a professional foxer setter is rarely straightforward. In a tradition dating back to the 1930s the location and time of the service is almost always distributed in collage form. When Jim Poskett, the Telegraph’s veteran vulpinist, was laid to rest in 2001, there were only two of his peers at the graveside. A misidentified interwar biplane and a misinterpreted photo of Joyce Grenfell meant most mourners ended up 300 miles away inadvertently paying their respects to a deceased piano tuner. Read the rest of this entry »

The Foxer

Looking at him today it’s hard to believe that Roman was once a wealthy man. During the boom years of the early Eighties, my Chief Foxer Setter’s collages were syndicated all over the world and made him millions. When I first met him, he lived nextdoor to Billy Ocean, drove a russet-coloured Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato, and owned more Franz Marc art than the Guggenheim and Tate put together. Things started falling apart circa ’92. First his best friend/brother-in-law/accountant disappeared with a substantial chunk of his fortune, then a business venture – Roman and some associates were in the process of converting a vast underground air base in the Balkans into the world’s first museum museum – was scuppered by the outbreak of the Yugoslav Wars. Read the rest of this entry »

What are we all playing this weekend?

One of H. Stratton's illustrations for 'Songs for Little People'.

Britain has a holiday on Monday so we’ll be back in full force on Tuesday, though we will trickle some odds and ends your way over the long weekend. And what a weekend it looks to be! Some might say discussing the weather is trite but mate, if you’re not excited by the unofficial start of the British summer giving us glorious sunshine transitioning into storms, I don’t want to talk to you.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on. Read the rest of this entry »