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Cats & Dogs rain down on The Sims 4

It's raining expansions

Pet lovers rejoice, because your cherished canine and feline friends can now scamper around in The Sims 4. The Cats & Dogs expansion launched on Friday, and allows you to create your own animal pals with an appearance and personality of your choice. I'm treating it as an exciting opportunity to bring my cat's bullying of me into the virtual realm.

The inevitably adorable launch trailer is just below the jump.

I can't help but spot a few inaccuracies. For one thing, that cat is sitting patiently to one side of that person's keyboard rather than rolling around on top of it. Also, when the ghost man scoops up his dog, it doesn't fall through his arms and trigger an existential crisis where the ghost man struggles to come to terms with his incorporeal existence and question whether his un-life is truly worth living when faced with such an insurmountable barrier to meaningful companionship.

In addition to housing your own pets, the expansion also lets you open up a veterinary clinic. One shot of that trailer features a machine that I'd stake my real life pet's life on that they've only semi-accurately called a CAT scanner. The expansion also brings "new activities to enjoy in the charming coastal shores of Brindleton Bay", which (judging by the trailer) include fishing and hanging out in a Cruft's style obstacle play area.

As per usual with Sims expansions, Cats & Dogs will set you back a rather cheeky £34.99 on the Origin store.

My cat is actually perfectly well behaved, by the way. She's even friends with my dog.

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