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Catty Contract Killers Go Wild in Badass Inc.

I have to say, guys. Badass Inc. [official site] is the cat's meow. And not just because the protagonist for this free point-and-click adventure is "a sleek, stylish, feline predator that trades in scalps and briefcases full of cash." A Ludum Dare entry crafted by the inimitable Sébastien 'deepnight' Bénard, Badass Inc will have you taking on an assignment for Ludum-Tek. (hehe). Your goal? To murder a target in an inventive way.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous romp, and furnished with an assortment of pretty touches. Our feline anti-hero(ine) is suitably sarcastic, fashionably apathetic, and appropriately deadpan in places. Cops are referred to as pigs, although it looks like they aren't actually the sort to go oink. There are locked numpads to, er, unlock, and even rudimentary shooting sequences. As an added bonus, the game seems rather cognizant of social media’s overwhelming presence in our modern world.

Those concerned that it might be another dystopian world (it is, but that's besides the point) filled with depressing themes should put aside their worries. Badass Inc. is strangely light-hearted, for the most part. Unsurprisingly, given Bénard's previous track record, it clinched 2nd place in the 32nd Ludum Dare. With luck, this one may eventually see life as a full game? Maybe. One can only hope. Motion Twin says they're up for it if people want it.

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