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Celeste has set off on its final Farewell update

Hike expectations

So long, Madeline. Celeste's final update, Farewell has arrived amid a busy week for Matt Makes Extremely OK Games. With a new studio name and a mysterious new game in the works, the future's looking pretty interesting for the Vancouver team. But there's still time for one last trip up Celeste Mountain, starting today.

Farewell marks a final goodbye to Celeste - at least for the foreseeable future. Thorson told IGN that the team have no immediate plans for a Celeste sequel.

"Maybe in the future, we’ll change our minds, but right now we don’t know how we’d do a sequel justice. And, besides, we’re way more interested in making something new for our next release.”

With 100 new levels, a bundle of new mechanics and items, and a bumper 40 minutes of new soundtrack music from Lena Raine, Farewell is a pretty packed update. You can have a listen to the new tunes on your music-streaming hub of choice via this fancy link, and it's all proper lovely stuff. It slaps, some might say. See the Farewell patch notes for more details on the update.

Extremely OK Games told IGN that they don't feel super comfortable releasing so much content for free, however. It sets a bit of a harsh expectation for themselves and other developers, after all. But Thorson claimed planning to charge would force a whole load of new design constraints on the team. Thorson also feels they are currently very fortunate to be in a position to release Farewell for free, as Celeste has done quite well for itself. Apparently nearly a million people went and bought it, after all.

Celeste's Farewell update is out today on Steam, Itch.io, and the Epic Games Store. The game has a 50% discount on Steam until Thursday too, bringing it down to £7.49/€9.99/$9.99.

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