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LG enters Nvidia BFGD arena with 12 OLED G-Sync Compatible TVs

BFGD TVs are go

It's all gone a bit quiet on the Nvidia BFGD (or Big Format Gaming Display) front recently, but this year's CES tech celebration has finally yielded some very promising news. LG are entering the fray this year with 12 G-Sync Compatible OLED TVs. That's right. Proper OLED TVs, not extortionate over-priced G-Sync Compatible monitors monitors.

You may remember that LG added G-Sync Compatible support for a couple of their 2019 OLED TVs at the end of last year. It was only available on select models, however (the 55in and 65in B9 and E9 models and the 55in, 65in and 75in C9), and involved manually updating the TV's firmware before you could take advantage of its newfound variable refresh rate technology.

Thankfully, LG's 2020 crop of OLED TVs will be G-Sync Compatible from the outset, offering tear-free gaming in your living room that's (comparatively) hassle-free. You'll still need to enable G-Sync Compatibility on your PC, of course, but at least you won't have to muck about with firmware updates as well.

What's more, the 2020 G-Sync Compatible OLEDs will also be available in a wider variety of sizes than the 2019 crop, with models starting from 48in all the way up to a whopping 88in. This should hopefully mean there are some vaguely affordable models in there as well - or at least a couple that are (hopefully) a heck of a lot cheaper than the BFGD monitors currently available, such as the £5000 HP Omen X Emperium.

Of course, all the BFGD monitors confirmed so far are full-blooded G-Sync Ultimate displays - that is, proper G-Sync and all the HDR bells and whistles that go with it. LG's OLED TVs, on the other hand, are actually just regular adaptive sync displays and don't specifically require an Nvidia graphics card in order to take advantage of their variable refresh rates, which is why they're only G-Sync Compatible rather than full G-Sync.

That said, Nvidia have still given them full G-Sync Compatible status after testing their variable refresh rate tech internally, and as a result they're also classifying them as BFGDs, too - presumably so they have something else to point to whenever someone periodically brings them up in conversation.

LG haven't confirmed exactly which of their 2020 OLEDs will be G-Sync Compatible yet, but I'll update this article with more info as soon as I get it. Either way, it's suddenly made Acer's newly-announced 55in OLED monitor seem very old hat indeed.

For more news from this year's CES, check out our CES 2020 tag.

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