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Chaos Reborn Gets Single-Player Mode

Light the lamp not the rat

Chaos Reborn has been in early access for entire WEEKS now. Two (2) of them. That means it's Christmas update o'clock and Santa Gollop will be wanging a single player mode as well as the ability to summon a rat pack down your digital chimney.

That analogy went wrong, but I'm kind of committed to it at this point.

So. What's in the Chaotic Santa sack? Well, the single-player thing is part of an offline battle mode. According to the relevant update it "allows you to play 'hotseat' with other players, or single player against an AI opponent, or any combination of human and AI players."

The rat spell allows you to summon "three hideous mutant giant rats". They probably mean "in game" but I'm holding out hope that this is how I get not one but THREE rat butlers. Oh, and there's also a Christmassy makeover for a limited period of time.

Other bits of the update are more on the balance tweak side of things with changes to particular spell powers, formulae and the HUD. One thing I would point out though is that the attack value of the Gooey Blob has been reduced from 2 to 1. Imagine! Imagine being a Gooey Blob and finding out that you're suddenly packing half your previous punch. What a sad Christmas the Gooey Blob will have.

On the bright side, the Gooey Blob's relatives will probably have approximately twice as good a festive season. Hurrah!

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