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Cheerydark Roguelikelike Dragon Fin Soup Out Today

Fairytale action

Do you like roguelikelikes? Would you, say, be interested in a turn-based action-RPG with a kooky take on fairytales? I'm not overly enamoured with zaniness e.g. Snow White as a cussin' redneck bar owner but hey, Dragon Fin Soup [official site] in general does look fairly solid. After netting almost five times their goal on Kickstarter last year, developers Grimm Bros. are releasing the game in a few hours.

Story-wise, it's going edgy 'adult' cheerydark fairytale, with Red Riding Hood as "a charming, yet raging alcoholic bounty hunter" and other reimaginings. Also, it seems to crib heavily from Discworld with a flat world atop the back of a turtle swimming through space, which is enthusiastic as homages go. But the point is, you get to murder monsters real hard. Moving around a grid-based world, you, well, mostly murder things. Along with a scripted Story Mode, it as a procedural survival mode, and an endless Labyrinth mode.

Look, it's easier if I just show you this recent gameplay demo, because my head is filled with mush today and videos are more good to you than my garbage:

Dragon Fin Soup's due on Steam and Humble in a few hours for £12.

Here's the launch trailer too:

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Dragon Fin Soup

iOS, PS4, PS3, PlayStation Vita, PC

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