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Might & Delight's Child Of Cooper Is Pretty, Confusing

Pretty interesting and jolly pretty

Might & Delight's games always have an interesting art style but I'm more impressed that, from Pid through The Blue Flamingo to Shelter, each project has looked unique. Their next game, Child of Cooper [official site], is a real looker too, as the first 'gameplay' trailer shows. Here, come admire this with me:

Pretty pretty that, isn't it? But what is it? Child of Cooper, as I understand it, is some sort of first-person walky-looker game with a child wandering around inside fragments of memories. Something like that. Maybe. That would be something I'm up for, anyway. M&D are staying vague, offering descriptions like:

"In Child of Cooper you are reliving the memory of a child in a narrative that does not wait for your actions in order to move forward. Players step into the game much like a child entering a grown-up world. Nothing will be given to you at any point and even how to maneuver the game will be left for the player (the explorer) to discover."

Okey cokey! That's something I'm probably up for too. Child of Cooper is coming to Windows and Mac, and will support virtual reality cybergoggles too. This trailer says it's "coming soon", while its Steam page says 2015.

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