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Chill and Chart lets you map a little island

Map awareness

To borrow the intro structure from the Sunday Papers, Fridays are for remembering how difficult it is to create a map yourself by playing the Slow Game Jame entry, Chill and Chart [itch.io page] where your only task is to chart the land around you. Pipland is a squiggly mess right now and I suspect it may be doomed to remain that way forever. Let's hope we never need to conduct any cartographic business on the island EVER again.

Chill and Chart

Chill and Chart

Chill and Chart

The only thing I'd add to this game is the function to upload your maps or somehow compare them with other people's via the game. I want to know what everyone else's looks like! (And yes, I do choose to believe we live in a world where people wouldn't just write swear words or draw penises on the map paper. WHY DO YOU ASK?)

For example, here is Alice's version of the same land. Her priorities are somewhat different to mine:

And Brendan submits Brendia:

What about you?

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