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Bloody Days - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare's Free Weekend


Hey, it's the weekend: relax. Kick back. Kick your shoes off. Treat yourself. Have a banana. Have a cup of good, hot, black coffee. Have a beer. Take a nice long shower. Soak in the bath. Read a little. Stab a man. Sit under a tree in the rain. Go for a nice walk. Stomp over the corpses of your conquered foes. Chat with a close friend. Swim in a pond. Swim in rivers of blood. Crack a man's skull with a maul. Murder. Mutilate. Conquer. Kill.

First-person meleer Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is free to play this weekend on Steam, see.

Developers Torn Banner have also put the game on sale to celebrate this, with a 75% discount making it £4.74 for one copy or £13.99 for four. It's £6.74 if you want to get the time-travelling Deadliest Warrior DLC too. The trial weekend will run until 10pm on Sunday (2pm Steam time).

I've never played Chivalry myself, more due to business than oversight than anything else. I hear good things about it. Heck, just see what our Adam had to say when it came out in 2012. If I can find a quiet moment, maybe I'll casually lop a man's limbs off and leave him to bleed out in the rain.

And in the game.

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