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Fyre it up! Cities: Skylines launches Concerts DLC

Can you do better than Fyre?

How difficult can organising a music festival be? Oh, right. Well! If you've got the moxie despite being woefully underqualified, you can now step up and organise concerts with the latest "mini-expansion" for city-builder Cities: Skylines [official site]. It lets players build festival grounds, host bands, and hopefully not end up with a musical mega-hell. It's not a deep business simulation but might be a bit of fun to brighten up your city.

God, those are grim festivals. One thousand people standing idly on stony ground, barely even looking at the stage. That might fly for shoegaze but seems wrong here.

The explain will let city-planners build and upgrade festival grounds, budget for costs like marketing and security, decide new laws, and generally try to bring nice events to their city.

Cities: Skylines - Concerts is out for £4.99/6,99€/$6.99 on Steam. Knowing Paradox, I'm sure it'll be cheaper in sales soon enough.

As is the Paradox way, a patch has launched aside the DLC. The main feature is an updated content manager to better handle your mod bits. Hit the Cities: Skylines v1.8.0 patch notes for full details on everything, including fixes aplenty for both the base game and other add-ons.

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