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Cities: Skylines Final Dev Diary Details Features

Ben would not make a good mayor.

Buildings, yeah? Like large, emotionally neutral tanks. Cities: Skylines [official site] is the hot kid on the block currently, with release just a few days away on March 10th. Thus devs Colossal Order/publishers Paradox have released the final dev diary, showing off some of the more original systems the game has. It also features the most adorable bit of music I've ever heard. You have been warned.

Duhduh-duhduh-DA-duhduh-duhduh-DA-DA. Happiness tunified, a pleasant backdrop to talk of which way pollution runs in a river, flooding towns and the misuse of dams. I'll admit, city-building is not my forté. I've dabbled as much as the next twenty-something, but Alec's stream is as close as I've gotten for a few years.

Is Cities looking like a good place to jump in? What about for you old hats, are these new and exciting improvements? Would a noobie like me be better off with the latest SimCity, or something else altogether? Do let me know below, all this excitement has me interested.

We'll have Alec's review for ya'll soon.

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Cities: Skylines

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