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Cities: Skylines getting blimps in Mass Transit DLC

Ferry nice

Blimps. They’re big, they’re full of hot air, they’re historically prone to crashing to earth in an unstoppable blaze. If you like blimps then we have good news for you. The physical manifestation humankind’s hubris can soon be added to your bustling metropolis in Cities: Skylines [official site] as part of the Mass Transit DLC pack, which is also adding ferries, monorails and cable cars. This is so that your commuters can get to work more efficiently. I don’t know what right-thinking member of the public would get the 7am zeppelin every morning, but the mayors of Cities: Skylines have never been ones to indulge sensible policies.

To drum up enthusiasm for the blimps, which commenters are bound to point out are nothing like the maligned zeppelins of the past but which I will reiterate are unfathomable deathtraps, Paradox and Colossal Order have made this wee trailer for you.

On top of the new modes of transport there will also be transit hubs, where your citizens can go from the ferry to the monorail, the bus to the blimp, the train to their own two wretched feet. There are also new scenarios based on “solving traffic problems” using new road types, bridges, canals and so on.

As usual, there’s also a patch coming to the vanilla game alongside the DLC’s release. This one allows you to finally name individual roads, adds an “extended public transport budget” and lets emergency vehicle overtake other cars. Had they not already been doing that? Please remind me to never visit any of your cities.

The DLC is "coming soon" say Paradox, sometime this year.

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