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Fly Above Your Cities: Skylines Creations In CityCopter

And free, too!

When I wrote about the CityCopter mod for Cities: Skylines earlier this month, it was just a video of a prototype which hoped to introduce a little SimCopter to the now reigning city builder champ. In the comments on the post, reader Beanbee wrote, "Way to miss a trick mod. Why on earth is Ride of the Valkyries not playing with random emergency scanner background laced in?"

Well, Mr. Beanbee, the mod is available to download and play now, and the launch trailer below meets half your request.

The mod can be installed in the usual fashion, by subscribing to it through the Steam Workshop (linked above) and then enabling it through Skylines' in-game Content Manager. There are slightly more detailed instructions through on the Steam Workshop page, including details of the helicopter hangar you need to build before you can take flight. It costs $30,000 and needs to be unlocked via the Level III Unique Buildings achievement. Or, of course, you could start a game with everything unlocked and infinite money.

There are no objectives to the game yet, though they're planned, and in the meantime it's a joy simply to be able to explore your creations in a new way. There's something wonderful about being more traditionally embodied in a world of your own creation, and I greedily now want another mod that lets me drive around my city streets in a car.

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