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Civ 6 errects winter update, gets Polish & Viking DLCs

Merry Civmas!

Merry Civmas, everyone! Sidta Claus has arrived with bulging Sid Meier's Sack full of Sid Meier's Presents for Sid Meier's Civilization 6 [official site], giving all of Sid Meier's Players a big update with Sid Meier's Fixes and Sid Meier's Tweaks, while Sid Meier's Flush Sid Meier's Players can Sid Meier's Buy new Sid Meier's DLC. The most exciting of the two new DLC packs adds Poland as a playable civilization, ruled by Jadwiga, while the other adds viking-y scenarios. But first, the foundations: let's rap about AI improvements.

The Winter Update's patch notes call out these AI improvements:

  • Improved AI Deal negotiations and analysis
  • Improved AI handling of Promises; including that they are more likely to agree if they like you, and also will consider how trustworthy a civ is by whether they've kept previous promises
  • Improved tactical handling of Great Admirals and Great Generals
  • Improved AI interest in Terracotta Army
  • Improved handling of leaf techs
  • Improved building of Forts
  • Improved resource grabbing in late game
  • Improved Last Viking King agenda's analysis for who is in bottom percentage of navies
  • Improved handling of several complaint or kudo messages from AI
  • Rebalanced Catherine's evaluation of the 'no spying' Promise
  • AI will not try to convert unconvertible cities

I know some players haven't been best pleased with Civ 6's AI so, if that's you, do these changes cheer you much?

The patch notes also detail changes like a new Earth map, an 'Alert' ability for units making them sit and wait for enemies, a sound effect for quicksaving so you can be sure you're safe, new art for National Parks, and plenty more. Get stuck into them for the full picture.

As for DLC, the Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack will cost you £3.99/4,99€/$4.99. Jadwiga brings with her Winged Hussars wearing Overwatch cosplay on horseback, the Sukiennice unique building to boost trade routes, and the ability to swipe land off other nations. The DLC also packs a 60-turn Scenario to defend Poland, Prague, and Vienna from folks like the Teutonic Knights and Ottoman Turks who are up to no good.

The Vikings Scenario Pack, for £3.99/4,99€/$4.99, offers six new City States, a 100-turn scenario to explore and raid, and new Natural Wonders in the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, Norway's pretty Lysefjord, and Northern Ireland's hexy Giant's Causeway.

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