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Civilization 6 site leaks Leaders Pass DLC, featuring old faves Lincoln and Ramesses II

Looks like some newbies are on the way, too

Art posted to Civilization 6’s mobile site has revealed an as yet unannounced Leaders Pass DLC, which seems to include classic leaders from older games in the Civ series. Former US President Abraham Lincoln and Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II are clearly visible in the artwork. Alongside them are Ngola Nzinga of Ndongo, and someone wearing a ruff that I’m going to have to assume is either Queen Elizabeth I or Mary, Queen of Scots, because That Hair. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Civilization 6's last batch of new leaders came in the New Frontier Pass.

Lincoln’s appeared in every Civilization game to date, but only in a scenario in Civ 5. Ramesses skipped Civ 3, but he’s been a major leader in the series to date. The artwork was quickly taken down, but not before eagle-eyed redditors shared it around on the Civ subreddit. It’s been just over six years since Civilization 6 released. The last such expansion pass to add new civs was the New Frontier Pass, which added eight new civilizations including Ethiopia, Babylon, and Portugal between May 2020 and March last year. It also chucked in nine new leaders, ranging from Byzantium’s Basil II to Kublai Khan for Mongolia and China.

Adam (RPS in peace) thought the game was a radical redesign in his Civilization 6 review. “Civ VI breaks all of my old habits,” he said. “I'm the pacifist Civ player who now enjoys starting and finishing a fight, and I'm the culture-hungry tourist magnet who has built steaming great industrial empires. Civ VI demands flexibility of thought and function, and it rewards it handsomely with a game that responds elegantly to all kinds of different playstyles.”

Civilization VI is on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £50/$60/€60. The game’s also available on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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