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Civilization VI launches summer update, Nubian DLC

Stay out the sun for just one more turn

Summer is certainly upon us, and Civilization VI [official site] is celebrating this joyous season by encouraging you to stay indoors for just one more turn. Civ 6 launched its 'Summer 2017 Update' last night, packed full of balance changes, AI improvements, and bug fixes. As requested, it also added a 'Restart' button to regenerate a map and start over, and the ability to save game setup configurations for future games is in too.

If you want to pay money, a new DLC pack is out, adding the Nubian civilisation led by the queen Amanitore. The base game is on sale now and all.

As Civ 6's AI has been the subject of many complaints, I'll dump the whole section about this latest round of improvements:

  • Improved AI ability to move great works around to get theming
  • AI will now better handle air attacks
  • - Bombers will attack Districts, Improvements, and then Units in that preference
    - Fighters will prefer to attack other air units

  • Improved desire to pillage cities
  • Improved city planning with regard to adjacency bonuses
  • During city attacks, concentrate unit attacks on more threatening units rather than spreading out
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the AI overestimating the value of demand tribute
  • Adjust AI acceptance of embassies to be a bit more like what they already do for delegations
  • Specifically, they probably will reject it if they're unfriendly, will accept at neutral unless they have any other reason against it (close balance) and will generally accept it at friendly unless they have a strong reason against.
  • In evaluating deals, the AI will mark elements that are unacceptable at any price, and expose that to the player
  • Improve ability to utilize city-states, beyond just suzerainty
  • As a player approaches victory, AI will become less friendly and more aggressive

Balance changes including reducing the costs of spies and districts, increasing the cost of most districting buildings, making anti-air stronger, and buffing Norway and Spain.

Hit the patch notes for full details on everything.

Civ 6 is on sale this weekend. The regular edition has a 30% discount making it £33.49/40,19€/$40.19 on Steam. The Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes several DLC packs, has a 40% discount bringing it to £41.99/47,99€/$47.99.

As for the Nubians, they bring their own pyramids and master archers, and add a new Wonder in faith-o-rama Jebel Barkal. They've got a new Scenario too. The DLC costs £4.49/4,99€/$4.99 or is included with the Digital Deluxe Edition, since 2K decided to expand that to offer better value.

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