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Civilization 6’s leaked Leader Pass confirmed; Lincoln arrives next week

There’ll be 18 more leaders across six DLC packs

A whole bunch of classic Civilization leaders are coming back for Civilization 6’s upcoming Leader Pass, devs Firaxis have confirmed. You can expect 18 more leaders spread out over six DLC pack releases between November 21st and March 2023, 12 of whom are new leaders. Another six will be “new takes” on existing leaders from previous games in the Civ series. The Leader Pass’ existence was leaked by accident last week when promo art for the DLC appeared on the mobile version of the Civ website, before it was removed.

Civilization 6 welcomes back some familiar leaders, and adds a bunch of newbs.

First up is the Great Negotiator’s Pack, releasing next week. That sees the return of US President Abraham Lincoln, who you’ll remember from basically every Civ game to date. It’ll also add Queen Mbande Nzinga for Kongo, and Sultan Saladin for Arabia. Each of the other packs is themed too, ranging from Great Commanders (Pack 2) and Great Builders (Pack 5) to specific regional grand poobahs such as Rulers Of England (Pack 6). That last one brings back Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, and Varangian Harald Hardrada for Norway.

There aren’t any other confirmed release dates yet for the other Leader Pass DLCs, but with six packs coming out up to March you can expect at least one a month right up to the start of spring. Anyone who owns the Civilization 6 Anthology on PC won’t have to fork out any extra for the Leader Pass DLC packs. You can read more about the upcoming DLC packs and which leaders they’ll add here.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $50/$60/€60. There’s no price info yet for the Leader Pass, but you can check it out on Steam.

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