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Clean a giant gross monster foot in Ashi Wash


When a supernatural giant stinky foot appears through the roof and demands you clean it, you had better listen. Deny the Ashiarai Yashiki's request and this Japanese spirit will trash your home, kicking and stomping. Buddy, you'd best get your marigolds on because Ashiarai Yashiki has come to visit in Ashi Wash. It's a small and silly game about tending to the tootsies, clipping its nails with shears, chipping off scabs, spraying fungicide, and generally doing unpleasant things. Following the free prototype I played in 2016, developers Two Glass Hams yesterday launched a fancier full version - with VR support.

The new paid version follows the same basic routine as the game jam prototype (which is still available free): search your house for tools to clean the horrorfoot, then get to work. Short, simple, silly; jokes. Only new it's all polished and pretty, has more gross things to do, and supports VR for cyberheads.

Hell is other people's toenails and these are still some of the worst in gaming. Awful.

If you do go gogged up, be sure to tape a slice of strong cheese to the front of your cybers for the full 4D foot experience.

Ashi Wash is out now for £2.09/€2.39/$2.99 on Steam and Itch.io (which also includes a Steam key).

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Ashi Wash

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