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Clever Girl, The Hunter: Primal Is Out For You

Open the door

Preservation efforts? A park to contain all the beauties of the prehistoric world? Nah. We'll just shoot 'em all. Freshly arrived in the Early Access folder, The Hunter: Primal errs on the meaner side of the equation, the side that involves gore and goop and other things that could possibly drip from dinosaur-y insides. Here, you play as a hunter, a bipedal predator who must figure out how to survive a primitive yet gorgeous-looking island and its coterie of deadly dinosaurs, while putting together the biggest stack of trophies this side of the planet.

Up to 16 players can match wits on this lush landscape at any given time, and it looks like the developers would really like you to be nasty to each other too. The persistent inventory system ensures that you will be able to retrieve whatever hard-earned supplies you’ve lost - if you get to it before someone else does. But, that’s not the main point of The Hunter: Primal. The main point is tracking down and killing those regal reptiles. Obviously, there are a bunch of those. The game features everything from the fearsome T-Rex to the more stately Triceratops. Make sure to watch out for the wolf-like Utahraptors, who like to travel in groups when they go out for lunch.

The game will set you back £14.99, which isn’t too bad if you’re the type to enjoy hunting down dinosaurs. Obviously, it’d be a better idea to pick up the four-pack if you have the right number of friends. Or to wait to see how it shapes up over Early Access.

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