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Cloaking Quads: Planetside 2's Sexy March Update

Brave soldiers of Vanu, I bring you news of the war. This is classified, so don't let it slip into enemy hands. First off, manicures are now manditory. You are mean and nasty, but that's no excuse for the level of nail-care I've been seeing. Buff, people. We are Vanu. We have standards. Secondly, there are new quadbikes and rocket launchers on the way for all of the Planetside 2 sides, but if we don't tell the others they might not realise. All hail Vanu.

Yes, it's true. The Flash, my favourite ride in the game, will now be fitted with a passenger seat. Oddly, I kept forgetting it didn't have one, and whenever I was in game I'd try and hop on the back of other quads, or I'd beg people to hop on mine and be met with voice-chat guffaws and text wedgies. It was getting embarrassing. It's a back seat that points outwards, so the passenger can fire their main weapons off the back of the bike. But that's not all. The Flash can now be cloaked if the driver is an Infiltrator. There's no word on if the Infiltrator can cloak with a passenger on board, and I guess not, but I can hope. Can I get a "hail Vanu"?

Word. The other major addition in the coming month will be three rocket launchers, bringing back the original game's blasters for the new generation of players. The Vanu get the chargeable VS22 Lancer. It can have up to three levels of damage increasing charge before firing. The Terran get the TS2 Striker, which fires multiple guided rockets at the same instance. The New Conglomerate NC1F Phoenix fires single-shot camera guided missiles. I want that, but I am Vanu and conflicted.

All this, and a few new clan and unlock features, are detailed in the March Roadmap video.

If you want to play with us check the forum for faction times. Vanu Thursday nights is particularly special, not least when we flatten PC Gamer's platoon. In fact, let's make this a call to arms for this Thursday: let's get as many of you on as possible. JOIN US.

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