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Cloneball strategy guide

How to bag your free pack of cards in this week's anniversary Brawl.

This week marks the first anniversary of Hearthstone's Tavern Brawl system, and to celebrate Blizzard has provided us with a brand new challenge to get stuck into.

Titled 'Cloneball!', this week's Tavern Brawl provides you with a random selection of Legendary cards. You get four copies of each Legendary in your deck, and you also get a special new card called Offensive Play. This spell costs zero Mana, and causes the next Legendary you play (along with all of the copies in your deck) to cost three Mana less.

This is, in all honesty, quite possibly the most RNG-dependant Brawl we've seen yet, and so it's pretty difficult to give advice on how to beat it. With that said, getting an early presence on the board has led to most of our victories so far - and most usually when we have The Coin to ramp up an earlier, more meaningful threat on the board.

Use your Offense Play spell on a Legendary minion that you ideally have two of in your hand, and which also helps you curve out faster than your opponent can over the next few turns. Once you're on the board, we recommend piling pressure onto your opponent's health pool as a priority and letting them worry about the trades - unless you have a wide board and can make a safety play that increases the chance of victory overall.

- Head back to our Tavern Brawl guide hub page for help with the latest special event!

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Win and you get - as always - a free pack of Classic cards. Got any tactics of your own that have helped you beat this week's challenge? Let us know about them in the comments section so we can all bust through and get our hands on some free cards!

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