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Clonesome: The Swapper Soon To Be Steam-Bound

The Swapper sounds like a name for either a bang-up cleaning product or a not-very-clean banging product, but I assure you it is (thankfully) neither of those. Instead, it's an extremely intriguing platforming adventure in which you can clone yourself at will and hop between said soulless vessels to give some mean old brain-teasers what-for. Also, as John pointed out, Penumbra’s Tom Jubert is on writing duties, promising a tale about the nature of our being and whether leaping between countless clones somehow perverts that. It sounds well worth getting into an excitement tizzy over, in other words. One made up of equal parts frothy flailing and existential befuddlement, as all the greatest tizzies are. And the best part? Swapper's coming to Steam. Fairly soon, in fact.

After initially catching our collective eye waaaaaaaaaaay back in the lonesome, comparatively cloneless year of 2010, The Swapper's finally set for a spring 2013 release date. It's got Indie Fund backing now, too, so it's evolved into quite the robust, quietly atmospheric explorer.

Also worth noting: in spite of looks that seem to come right out of Vogue: Dead Space Edition, everything in Swapper is actually handmade. And while its tempting (not to mention plausible) to believe that Facepalm built entire, fully functioning space stations for the sole purpose of use in a videogame, the reality's actually much more down-to-earth.

"The Swapper is an atmospheric 2D puzzle platformer, constructed using clay models and other everyday materials for a uniquely detailed look and feel. The game takes place on an abandoned space station and tackles the implications of the 'Swapper' - a device that can clone the user and transfer consciousness between different bodies."

Its many multi-megabyte info-clones will be tip-toeing toward our hard drives quite soon. Do you plan on welcoming them aboard?

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