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Blink To Move Inexorably Towards The Grave: Close Your

Life one blink at a time

I spent this morning carefully tying fishing sinkers to my eyelashes. I'm starting light with one-eighth ounce weights, but hope to reach one ounce per lash Close Your comes out.

It's a charming-looking game retelling a whole life across a series of smash cut vignettes, and that sounds splendid and all, but what's got me training is its control method. On top of the usual inputs, Close Your uses a webcam to watch your eyes. When you blink, you'll reopen your eyes to find the game has jumped to the next scene. I intend to win the Close Your Speedrun World Championship. I shall develop the strongest, beefiest, bulgiest elevator palpebrae superioris muscles ever to blink.

Close Your's protagonist has gone a bit wonky in the brain, see, with memory loss meaning their life's just a few short flashes. These each last until you close your eyes, going from childhood to hospital bed in a few short blinks. I'm aiming for cradle to grave within 2.72 seconds. If I go any slower, I'm concerned I might experience an emotional response to this tragic life.

Blendo Games' Thirty Flights of Loving seems a clear inspiration to developers GoodbyeWorld Games, both in the smash cut vignette-o-rama format and its blocky look. I'm not entirely keen on Close Your's character models, though. Adding just a little complexity to such a clean look, with modelled hair and big bendy limbs, makes it a little muddled.

I haven't seen developers GoodbyeWorld Games saying much about plans to release Close Your. I do hope they won't keep it as a game for events.

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