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Closure Dev's Next Is About Bombs, Not Like Closure At All

Super Smash Bomberman

Have you played magnificently macabre light-manipulating puzzler Closure? No? Well shame on you. It's exceedingly clever, and how dare you not have time to play literally every good and inventive game that has or will ever come out? Perfectly reasonable demands out of the way, allow me to introduce Bombernauts. It's Closure creator Tyler Glaiel's next project, and - by the looks of it - it has precisely zero things in common with its gloomy, brain-haranguing sibling. Instead, it's a colorful explosion of infinite bombs. No, seriously. You have unlimited bombs (and heaps of Super-Smash-Bros-esque items), and your goal is to send your friends flailing into a surrounding lake of lava. Skillfully arced throws seem to be your best weapon here. Trailer and details below.

Looks, um, chaotic. Here are the multiplayer bomb brawler's basics:

"The only way to kill a player is to knock them off the platform into the lava. You can throw TONS of bombs around to try to do this, there's no limit to how many you can throw! If you die, you become a ghost that floats around the battlefield, and you are periodically allowed to throw a ghost bomb back in. If you get a kill with the ghost bomb, you respawn and get a second chance at victory (though, as a zombie). Last one standing earns that sweet, sweet victory."

There are also items and powerups, which can be customized or even permanently enabled for all players (think a jetpack mode or something along those lines. Expect a level editor as well.

It looks like it'd make for some solid local multiplayer SteamOS fodder, but Glaiel says that he's only got online up and running at the moment. Local is, however, "on the to-do list," so that's something.

Bombernauts will be coming to Steam at some point, though an exact date hasn't been set. That said, Glaiel is "looking into ways of letting people play it early," so I don't think an eventual Steam Early Access release would be too unreasonable of an expectation.

So then, bombs! Men! A classic rivalry. WHO WILL SURVIVE? (Hint: probably no one.)

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